Good Call Wireless - Lousy Service and Bad Business Conduct

Kansas City, Missouri 1 comment
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First off they have lousy service in regards to following good business conduct. They tell you a 100 differnt things other than the facts or truth.

They lied to me and they basically stole $100.00 from me and tryed to tell me i was still getting a good deal. I was suppossed to get 60% back of what i paid for phone ; which 60% of $109.00 = 65.00; then i was supposed to get my $30.00 for rooting which they did not complete that service when i bought the phone. They threated me in their store.

The person working at the time keep saying i was the one getting out of control when he was the one and also causing things to get to the point that it did. He threaten that he would use the information that they had access to on his computer to come after me.



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